What is MA Academy?

MA Festival Brugge is proud to present the new project MA Academy . MA Academy is a new biennial initiative in collaboration with B’Rock, Il Gardellino and Concertgebouw Brugge and offers young musicians the opportunity to work under the inspiring leadership of Bertrand Cuiller. The participants are supported and guided by top coaches from B’Rock Orchestra and il Gardellino, such as Marcel Ponseele, Jan De Winne, Sviridov and Rebecca. The workshop will be concluded with a concert in Concertgebouw Brugge as part of the MA Festival programme.

“During this first MA Academy, we form a wonderful orchestral programme by Jean-Philippe Rameau, with the soprano Déborah Cachet.
There is one aspect of Rameau's orchestral treatment that cannot be missed. It is his innovative use of wind stands that makes him a forerunner of the Impressionists. That is why, in addition to the oboes, bassoons and flutes, which are very present throughout his work, we also add horns and clarinets to the string orchestra, which he introduced in opera.” - Bertrand Cuiller