9 centuries, 4 pianos

Keyboard music from Byrd to Chick Corea


Laureate Anthony Romaniuk returns to MA Festival this year with some unexpected meetings between old and modern keyboards. In the company of a harpsichord, a fortepiano, a concert grand piano and a Fender Rhodes, he traverses nine centuries of music, from an anonymous 12th century folksong to Byrd, Mozart and the jazzy colours of Chick Corea.

29 Michele Monasta A9 9768 ZW

11:30 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Concertzaal Scène


  • electic
  • 11th-20th century
  • laureate
  • keyboards
  • Keyboard:
    Anthony Romaniuk AU
  • Co-production:
    Concertgebouw Brugge 
  • Thanks to:
    Goedelieve Haentjens and Hifihome, Brugge