Adamo ed Eva

Trouble in paradise


Josef Mysliveček may be virtually unknown today, but from 1765 to 1780, this Bohemian headed all the opera charts in Italy. His theatrical instinct is also tangible in the oratorio Adamo ed Eva, of which Il Gardellino has the modern premiere in store. Whoever discovers this well-kept secret, will be mesmerized – like Mozart – by Mysliveček’s irresistible melodies.

20:00 | Sint-Jakobskerk

  • Ensemble:
    Il Gardellino BE
  • Muzikale leiding:
    Peter Van Heyghen BE
  • Angelo di Giustizia:
    Roberta Mameli IT
  • Angelo di Misericordia:
    Alice Rossi IT
  • Eva:
    Luciana Mancini CL/SE
  • Adam:
    Valerio Contaldo IT