Corelli reworked - SOLD OUT

Italian grandeur and elegance


"Since childhood, I have cherished a special affection for the music of Corelli. Sadly this is at odds with the absence of the viola da gamba in this repertoire. So I have often adapted music for violin, flute and cello for my instrument, long before I knew that this was a historical practice. A transcription of this kind is akin to a panorama that you are used to viewing from a certain angle, but which you consider from a new point of view for the first time: some details are lost, but some new ones are found.”

Teodoro Baù

11:30 – 12:55 | O.L.V. Potteriekerk, Brugge


  • laureate
  • young artists
  • virtuosity
  • musical friendship
  • Viola da gamba:
    Teodoro Baù IT
  • Harpsichord:
    Andrea Buccarella IT