A renaissance cocktail of southern passions


Ensalada: a polyphonic mix of tongues, rhythms, bawdy folk songs and burning devotion. This Spanish melting pot of musical ingredients reached its pinnacle in the 16th century music of Mateo Flecha, whose El Toro receives its first Belgian performance at MA Festival. Cantoría’s singers spice the ensaladas with piquant songs of lust and philandery.

14:30 | Kerk Lissewege

€22 | €18

  • ensaladas
  • 16th century
  • young artists
  • desire
  • Ensemble:
    Cantoría ES
  • Direction:
    Jorge Losana ES
  • Thanks to:
    ACE (Spanisch Cultural Action), INAEM (National Institute of performing Arts and Music), ICA (Cultural Industries and Arts Institute), Embassy of Spain in Belgium