Musical encounters

Mozart, Hummel and Beethoven


“I first met Anna, Cecilia and Marcus during the preparations for the MA Competition final in 2019 and we immediately felt a strong, musical connection. When I won the competition, our first project fell into our lap: a CD recording concentrated on Johann Nepomuk Hummel, an extraordinary pianist and composer who had the gift to reveal familiar music in a new way.” - Aurelia Vişovan

11:30 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Kamermuziekzaal


  • 18th century
  • laureate
  • virtuosity
  • arrangements
  • Pianoforte:
    Aurelia Vişovan RO
  • Flute:
    Anna Besson FR
  • Violin:
    Cecilia Bernardini NL
  • Cello:
    Marcus van den Munckhof NL