Monteverdi’s opera unveiled


With just four musicians, Elina Albach translates Monteverdi’s indestructible L’Orfeo into a contemporary setting. Four instruments replace the large orchestra and singers in this work that went down in history as the first opera. In his time, Monteverdi was revolutionary. CONTINUUM pushes the boundaries still further and makes this baroque abundance a purified work in which subtitles are replaced by a sober text projection, and the instrumentally arranged vocal parts are imbued with unparalleled drama. Thus the ensemble penetrates to the core of this opera.

With the support of Visit Bruges

21:30 – 23:05 | Schuur Ter Doest, Lissewege


  • Younger than Jesus
  • 17th century
  • Monteverdi
  • opera without song
  • visuals
  • Ensemble: