Love between heaven and earth


With Psyche (1675), Matthew Locke brought a wonderful hybrid to the English stage. Spoken drama, music, dance and visual spectacle all come together in this musical avant-la-lettre about the forbidden love between a princess and the god Cupid. Sébastien Daucé and his Ensemble Correspondances demonstrate that, even without the stage props, Locke’s score continues to enthrall.

Sacre de Louis XIV Correspondances Dauce 041 Nathalie de Ribier Les Grands Concerts

20:00 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Concertzaal

€49 | €37 | €25

  • dramatic opera
  • Belgian premiere
  • choir & orchestra
  • mind
  • Ensemble:
    Ensemble Correspondances FR
  • Direction:
    Sébastien Daucé FR
  • Video:
    Mario Leko CR
  • Dramaturgy:
    Katherina Lindekens 
  • Co-production:
    Concertgebouw Brugge