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Is it Rameau or is it Scarlatti? Bertrand Cuiller presents a pro­gramme with pieces by Jean-Philippe Rameau and sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti that seem so sim­i­lar in terms of form, tech­nique and sound that it is hard to doubt the con­nec­tion between the two musi­cians. Cuiller con­fronts the styles of the two mas­ters with one anoth­er and makes sev­er­al dis­turb­ing dis­cov­er­ies. The ques­tion is: was Scarlatti inspired by read­ing Rameau’s music? Or did Rameau learn his tech­ni­cal tricks from Scarlatti? Come and lis­ten and judge for yourself!

Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau (16831764) and Domenico Scarlatti (16851757)

Qui est-ce?

Rameau and Scarlatti in Paris

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  • harpsichord: Bertrand Cuiller (FR)