Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo

Body and soul in the very first opera


In 1600, the composer Emilio de’ Cavalieri wrote bitterly that he and not Jacopo Peri had invented opera. Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo would therefore seem to have been the very first opera. Cavalieri’s Rappresentatione, with its mix of dance, drama and music has since become a key work in our art history.

“The refinement of Vox Luminis is never anything less than sublime”

— Gramophone
Vox luminis 3 Mario Leko zw

20:00 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Concertzaal

€49 | €37 | €25

  • first opera
  • premiere
  • choir & orchestra
  • mind & body
19.00 Concertgebouw Brugge, Forum 6 - Interview door Albert Edelman met Lionel Meunier
  • Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo:
    Emilio de' Cavalieri (ca 1550 - 1602) 
  • Ensemble:
    Vox Luminis BE
  • Direction:
    Lionel Meunier FR
  • Co-presentation:
    Concertgebouw Brugge