FRINGE - Ensemble Fabridoen


Ensemble Fabridoen (their name derived from the Old Dutch spelling of “fauxbourdon”) was founded in 2017 by Jole De Baerdemaeker (23-03-1994), Eva Ivanova-Dyatlova (30-11-1990) and Elias Conrad (28-06-1996). As students at the Institute for Early Music at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg they all share a passion for composers of the Franco-Flemish School. During the last two years they have been immerging themselves in the music and history of one particular composer; a chapel master of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, by the name of Thomas Crecquillon. His music, largely forgotten, has a quality and refinement which more than matches that of his more well-known contemporaries, such as Clemens non Papa and Nicolas Gombert. The combination of voice, flute and lute, which was very popular at the time, is an ideal looking glass for chansons of the 16th century. The relative obscurity of Crecquillon is nothing but an encouragement for the young ensemble to (re)discover more about him and his music, and hopefully introduce the fruits of their research to the wider audience. In their investigation and performance of renaissance music, Ensemble Fabridoen has been taught by Ulrike Hofbauer, Hans Brüderl, Marcello Gatti, Evelyn Tubb, Anthony Rooley, Robert Selinger and Johanna Bartz.


14:30 – 15:30 | Sint-Godelieveabdij