Cupid and Death

Intrige and drama in 17th-century England


When Cupid and Death spend the night in the same inn, their bow and arrow are switched, with complete chaos as a result. That is the plot of Matthew Locke and Christopher Gibbons’ masque Cupid and Death from 1653, one of the most intriguing 17th-century dramas and the only masque from that period whose complete score has been preserved.

20:00 – 22:00 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Concertzaal

€49 (Categorie 1) | €37 (Categorie 2) | €25 (Categorie 3)

  • masque
  • Belgian premiere
  • choir & orchestra
  • staged
Uitzending van Klara Live om 18:00 in de Kamermuziekzaal (gratis bij te wonen mits registratie)
  • Ensemble:
    Ensemble Correspondances FR
  • Musical direction:
    Sebastien Daucé FR