Vacature productieverantwoordelijke

MA Festival is op zoek naar een nieuwe productieverantwoordelijke. De productieverantwoordelijke is onder andere verantwoordelijk voor de volledige productionele planning, maakt afspraken met artiesten rond planning, technische fiche en logement, maakt afspraken rond instrumenten, materiaal en locaties (van offerte tot factuur) en steekt graag de handen uit de mouwen.

Bekijk de volledige vacature.

Solliciteer vóór 25/11/2022 door je cv en motivatiebrief te sturen via email naar Adèle Querinjean (adele@mafestival.be). Gesprekken vinden plaats op 1 en/of 2 December 2022 (s’avonds) in Brugge.

Voor bijkomende inlichtingen (bijvoorbeeld over de spreiding van het werk over het jaar) kan je telefonisch contact opnemen met Adèle Querinjean (+32 498 29 04 45).


Get ready for MA Competition 2023!

Get to know everything about MA Competition 2023!
In 2023, MA Festival will organize a new edition of MA Competition! During the 60th edition of MA Festival, it is once again the turn of young harpsichord players from all over the world to give their best.
Read all about the rules, application and repertoire at macompetition.com


Start algemene ticketverkoop MA Festival 2022

De algemene ticketverkoop voor MA Festival 2022 start op maandag 16 mei 2022 om 10u.

Tickets bestellen kan op drie verschillende manieren:

1. Online

U kunt uw tickets zelf zoeken, selecteren en betalen via de website. Dit kan vanaf maandag 16 mei om 10u via deze link.
Opgelet! Indien u tickets koopt voor meer dan vijf verschillende voorstellingen en uw 10% korting wil ontvangen, dient u een keuze abonnement aan te kopen.

2. Balie In & Uit

U gaat naar het kantoor van In & Uit op ’t Zand (naast Concertgebouw Café) en kiest, bestelt en betaalt daar uw tickets aan de balie. Dit kan op maandag 16 mei vanaf 10u. In&Uit is dagelijks open van 10.00 tot 13.00 en van 14.00 tot 17.00. Op zondag is In&Uit enkel open in de voormiddag.

3. Telefonisch via In & Uit

U belt naar In&Uit en kiest en bestelt uw tickets telefonisch. Daarna krijgt u een link met een verzoek tot betaling of kunt u een overschrijving doen. In&Uit is telefonisch bereikbaar van maandag t.e.m. vrijdag van 14.00 tot 17.00. Bellen kan op het nummer +32 78 15 20 20.


Start ticketverkoop Vrienden op 2 mei

Wij kijken samen met u volop uit naar MA Festival 2022.

In de loop van deze week worden de brochures verspreid. Daarin zult u alle concerten kunnen vinden die zullen plaatsvinden deze zomer tijdens MA Festival. Deze zullen binnenkort ook verschijnen op de website onder het tabblad 'Programma'.

Zondag 1 mei stellen we het programma officieel voor en op maandag 2 mei om 10u start de exclusieve ticketverkoop voor de vrienden. U kunt dan tickets bestellen voor alle concerten die deze zomer zullen plaatsvinden. Meer informatie over de ticketverkoop voor de vrienden kunt u vinden onder het tabblad 'MA Friends'.

De algemene ticketverkoop gaat van start op maandag 16 mei. U zult telkens de link naar de verkoopsite vinden bij het concert in het tabblad 'Programma'.


MA Festival welcomes Jan Van den Borre

MA Festival Brugge is proud to welcome a new artistic director! Jan Van den Borre is a familiar face in Bruges and the international early music scene. As a musician, he has played with Collegium Vocale Gent, Anima Eterna and Vox Luminis, among others. He is also an intendant with Il Gardellino Orchestra, where he expanded the much-loved early music ensemble to stand at the heart of society and enabled it to take on its role as a leading contemporary baroque orchestra.

MA Festival was my window into the world of early music. I came to Bruges to discover what I could only hear there. The most beautiful music played by the best musicians led me to a path that I have not left since. The festival is iconic, internationally renowned and loved, all whilst playing a leading role in the development of many young musicians. Bruges is a stage, a meeting place and a point of departure. I look forward to further developing the MA Festival as a festival, combining tradition and innovation with an open view on art and society. ” - Jan Van den Borre


Starting today, musicians from all over the world can audition for MA Academy!

MA Academy is a new biennial initiative in collaboration with B’Rock Orchestra, il Gardellino and Concertgebouw Brugge that offers the musicians the opportunity to work under the inspiring leadership of Bertrand Cuiller in a newly developed orchestra. The participants are supported and guided by top coaches from B'Rock Orchestra and il Gardellino, such as Jan De Winne, Marcel Ponseele, Rebecca Rosen, Eyal Streett and Evgeny Sviridov. The workshop will be concluded with a concert in Concertgebouw Brugge as part of the MA Festival programme this summer.

Find all information and regulations here!


Teodoro Baù's Spotify playlist

Teodoro Baù, winner of MA Competition 2021, shares his favorite music with the audience of MA Festival. In his playlist he also wants to include the music that inspired and influenced him throughout his musical career.

Enjoy this and other playlists curated by members of the MA family on the MA Festival Spotify channel and read Teodoro Baù's full story on mafestival.be.

In this playlist I wanted to collect not only the music I like the most, but especially everything that has had a strong impact on my musical growth. All the pieces and artists in this list have a strong and deep meaning for me.
The lute was my first instrument and I started playing it as a child. I still remember when my parents took me to a Hopkinson Smith concert in Vicenza, perhaps one of the first professional concerts I attended. It was a revelatory experience. At the end of the concert, my parents gave me the record in which Hopkinson Smith plays Kapsberger, and I even managed to get his autograph. I listened to this record countless times, and I still keep it as something very precious.
The next piece is a tribute to my lute teacher, the teacher who accompanied me for the longest time, Massimo Lonardi. I included the listening of a fantasy by Francesco da Milano, his favourite author.
After a few years playing the lute, I started playing the viola da gamba, an instrument with which I found an immediate affinity. As always in life, luck plays a very important role, and one of my fortunes was to have found extraordinary teachers, all very different. I am grateful to each of them and want to dedicate a piece in this playlist to them: Claudia Pasetto and Alberto Rasi (Cima), Paolo Pandolfo (Abel), Vittorio Ghielmi (Marais).
Next, I want to add to this collection four other musical figures that have been touchstones for me: Sophie Watillon, for her grace, so light and bright. Pedro Memelsdorff, for the fine chisel work he puts into every note. The Giardino Armonico, an incomparable sound model, and Giuliano Carmignola, master of cantabile and legato.
I always had a fascination for a certain type of voices. It was difficult to choose two examples but here they are: Sara Mingardo and Fritz Wunderlich.
Finally, I would like to end this playlist with four pieces that can tell the story of my current activity: first, La Fonte Musica. Exactly 10 years ago, Michele Pasotti put a fiddle in my hands to play that very bizarre music. I am very grateful to this group, with whom we have lived moments of great intensity in the last 10 years. Here is a small excerpt from the monumental work we completed in 2018, the recording of the complete Zacara da Teramo, a work that took us half a year, between rehearsals, concerts and recording.
Next, another group with whom we do far too few concerts, Le Girandole Armoniche. The work with Esther Crazzolara and Federica Bianchi starts from a wonderful synergy that brought us to work together since 2012, the same year in which I started working with La Fonte Musica, and in which I also met Andrea Buccarella (so many things happened in 2012!), with whom I play regularly in duo. No recordings of the two of us are available yet (they will be coming soon 😉), but I want to add to this playlist a piece from his album "Toccata". Andrea is a musician like few others, with an incredible musical awareness that you can hear clearly in this piece.
Finally, a recording in which I play double bass. It has been an important part of my education and I have learned a lot since I started studying it around 2014 (and, I must say, it has also been important for my economic survival in the past years). Here you can find an aria that I particularly enjoyed recording, together with my friends from the ensemble Los Elementos. - Teodoro Baù