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I no longer remem­ber the first time I saw him. There’s one mem­o­ry that’s more vivid than the rest, that has record­ed over all the pre­vi­ous ones like an old video tape: we are argu­ing in the play­ground and I whack him, hard. I can no longer remem­ber what the argu­ment was about and I’ve for­got­ten what hap­pened after­wards. The mem­o­ry is brief, it lasts from the sec­ond before I hit his chin until just after that. The impact. Nothing more, noth­ing less. The moment a part of my body touch­es him, that’s when the tape stops.”

Viol play­er Liam Byrne and writer Angelo Tijssens try to find a voice with­in their com­mon mem­o­ries. What do you remem­ber? What’s worth keep­ing? How do you forget? 

Music by Sieur de Sainte Colombe (ca. 1640­-ca. 1700), Max Andrzejewski (1986) & impro­vi­sa­tions
With texts recit­ed from De Randen by Angelo Tijssens Dutch spo­ken with English surtitles

LB 17 photo Sebastian Madej

De Randen

€20 | €85 (dagpas (cat. 1)) | €76 (dagpas (cat. 2))
  • kamermuziekdag
  • premiere
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  • performer: Angelo Tijssens (BE)
  • viola da gamba: Liam Byrne (USA)