Together with the Noxwode trio, we return to the British Isles in the 17th cen­tu­ry. Political unrest, the plague, and witch hunts over­whelm the region, and many peo­ple flee to the New World” for a bet­ter future. But there was also a lot of fear and unrest there, and a nos­tal­gic feel­ing towards home was com­mon. In both places, res­i­dents tried to uplift them­selves with melodies and pop­u­lar sing-along tunes. Let your­self be car­ried away by an emo­tion­al and inti­mate pro­gram of sonatas, court and folk songs by British com­posers such as John Dowland, Henry Purcell, and Nicola Matteis.

Music by, among oth­ers, John Dowland (15631626), Henry Purcell (16591695), and Nicola Matteis (16501714).

This con­cert is part of the Lissewegedag. Read all about this day and the dis­count­ed day pass here.

Farewells and Frontiers

From the British Isles to the East Coast of America

€19 | €57 (Dagpas Lissewege)
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  • ensemble: Noxwode (UK)
  • baroque violin & musical direction: Conor Gricmanis (UK)
  • viol de gamba: Miriam Nohl (UK)