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A desert­ed val­ley, for­est or mead­ow; a frozen sea, riv­er or lake; a huge moun­tain, rock or gorge… a person’s heart is home to a wealth of land­scapes. English Renaissance com­posers often linked mankind’s melan­cholic, lone­ly spir­it to the des­o­late wilder­ness they saw around them. Exploring these land­scapes, sopra­no Carine Tinney and lutenist Franco Pavan arrive at the poet­ic melodies of Robert Johnson, John Dowland and Henry Lawes. 

With music by Robert Johnson (ca. 1583­-1633), John Dowland (ca. 15631626) & Henry Lawes (15961662)

Landscape of Emotion

Engelse lute songs

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  • sopraan: Carine Tinney (SCO-MT)
  • luit: Franco Pavan (IT)