Monteverdi's Orfeo

Muziek en woord voorbij de dood


Monteverdi’s iconic opera articulates Orpheus’ attempts to soothe the keepers of Hades with his voice and his lyre. He is allowed to release his beloved Eurydice from the realm of the dead, on the one condition that he does not turn around to look at her. Leonardo García Alarcón and his musicians are the fitting performers for this story about life and death, longing and recollection.

20:00 | Concertgebouw, Concertzaal

  • Ensemble:
    Cappella Mediterranea FR
  • Ensemble:
    Choeur de Chambre de Namur BE
  • Muzikale leiding:
    Leonardo García Alarcón AR
  • Orfeo:
    Valerio Contaldo IT
  • Euridice, La Musica:
    Mariana Flores AR
  • La Messaggera:
    Giuseppina Bridelli IT
  • Proserpina, Ninfa, La Speranza:
    Anna Reinhold FR
  • Plutone:
    Konstantin Wolff DE
  • Caronte:
    Salvo Vitale IT
  • Pastore:
    Alessandro Giangrande IT
  • Pastore:
    Carlo Vistoli IT
  • Pastore:
    Nicholas Scott UK
  • Pastore:
    Matteo Bellotto IT