Nuit et iour

Stalking in the ars nova


Sollazzo Ensemble takes the listener back to the Middle Ages, when a knight’s courtly love was conveyed through an obsessive longing. In the expressive polyphony of such composers as Matteo da Perugia and Vincenzo da Rimini, we hear the lovelorn, while he is suffering the pangs of love, fluctuate between gallantry and intoxicated amorousness.

20:00 | Concertgebouw Brugge, Concertzaal

€28 (Categorie 1) | €24 (Categorie 2) | €17 (Categorie 3)

  • ars nova
  • young artists
  • courtly love
  • desire
  • Ensemble:
    Sollazzo Ensemble CH
  • Fiddle & musical direction:
    Anna Danilevskaia RU