Scattered rhymes

Petrarca’s ode aan Laura


In his illustrious Canzoniere, Petrarca invokes his unattainable muse Laura. His anguished poetry inspired composers from the Trecento to the present day. Zefiro Torna and the Frank Vaganée Trio interlace ballads, madrigals, and chansons into a timeless tapestry in which early music and jazz cross-pollinate. Front woman Annelies Van Gramberen skilfully navigates through this universal but paradoxical panorama.

11:30 | Schuur Ter Doest, Lissewege

  • Ensemble:
    Frank Vaganée Trio BE
  • Ensemble:
    Zefiro Torna BE
  • Sopraan:
    Annelies Van Gramberen BE
  • Muzikale leiding:
    Jurgen De bruyn BE