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The con­nec­tion between Bruges and Bohemia may at first glance seem super­fi­cial, but the oppo­site is true. Composers such as Richafort, Appenzeller, Tourout and Hellinck were active around Bruges and rep­re­sent­ed the Franco-Flemish’ school. However their influ­ence extend­ed far fur­ther than the West Flemish Hanseatic city. From musi­cal sources it is appar­ent how rich and diverse the musi­cal cul­ture of Central Europe was. Musicians in Bohemia had access to the most mod­ern reper­toire and were entire­ly famil­iar with its style. Cappella Mariana enrich­es MA Festival with Franco-Flemish music that was per­formed in Bohemia, along with music from a num­ber of Bohemian composers.

Music by Jean Richafort (14801547), Benedictus Appenzeller (14801551÷58), Johannes Tourout (fl.1460) en Lupus Hellinck (14931541)

Bruges meets Bohemia

The European adventure of Flemish polyphony

€29 (Categorie 1) | €25 (Categorie 2)
  • vocal
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19:00 | Pieter Mannaerts | Sint-Gilliskerk
  • ensemble: Cappella Mariana (CZ)
  • musical direction: Vojtěch Semerád (CZ)