Judith kept her city Betulia out of the hands of General Holofernes by behead­ing him by means of a ruse. Alessandro Scarlatti set this sto­ry to music twice. The sec­ond ver­sion from 1697 has a dras­ti­cal­ly reduced line-up. Scarlatti’s crafts­man­ship daz­zles in its recita­tives, vir­tu­oso arias and duets in all styles and moods. With three lead­ing soloists con­duct­ed by ris­ing star Andrea Buccarella, La Giuditta can­not fail to pro­duce sparks.

La Giuditta

Scarlatti's dramatic oratorium

€28 (Categorie 1) | €24 (Categorie 2)
  • laureate
  • debut
  • female power
  • Naples
Ignace Bossuyt om 19:00 in Aquariustheater (gratis)
  • Ensemble: Abchordis Ensemble (CH)
  • Harpsichord: Andrea Buccarella (IT)