Lo foc d'aquest segle

Sirventes and political rivalries under Eleonora of Aquitaine


It is widely known that troubadours sang of love, but protest songs were also an essential part of their repertoire. With their sirventes (service songs) the troubadours complained about the status quo, mostly in the form of parodies. The melody, the metric structure and sometimes also the rhyme of a well-known piece were borrowed to broach a controversial topic. Bertrand de Born is undoubtedly the best-known practitioner of the genre. The troubadours of the Swiss ensemble Le Miroir de Musique, specialists in this field, sketch a lively picture of this fascinating repertoire.

11:30 – 12:45 | Sint-Annakerk, Brugge


  • medieval
  • debut
  • protest songs
  • Ensemble:
    Le Miroir de Musique FR